Jukaido Kempo Bujutsu
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Jukaido Kempo Bujutsu was founded by Dr. Lonnie Green.  During the 1950s and 1960s, Dr. Green lived in Japan for 12 years at the behest of the United States Air Force, tasked with studying the martial arts of Asia and bringing this knowledge back to America to teach federal agencies.  Dr. Green achieved master level ranks in Kodokan Judo, Shotokan Karate, Chinese Kempo, Hapkido, Aiki Budo, Southeast Asian Arts (Silat/Kali), and Turkish Wrestling.  Additionally, he traveled across East Asia and the United States, studying and cross training in as many systems as he could.  Upon completion of his studies abroad, Dr. Green was given permission from his instructors to organize his own system, with the goal of teaching the underlying principles behind the Asian martial arts.  Jukaido Kempo Bujutsu emphasizes the practical application of martial arts.  Striking, grappling, and the use of weapons are the three cornerstones.   There are not intricate forms or artistic flourishes.  Students learn through drilling techniques to understand principles, tactics, and strategies, and then sparring to test what they have learned.  Rigorous conditioning is undertaken to ensure the student possesses the physical and mental capability to practice the martial arts as they were intended.  Due to the nature of the class, prospective students must interview before being accepted into training.
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