Tai Chi Chuan © Houston Martial Arts Academy 2016. info@houstonmartialartsacademy.com   Made with MAGIX by Poobah Productions 2015 Background Arnis, Kali, Escrima, Filipino Martial Arts Contact Us at: info@houstonmartialartsacademy.com Tai Chi Chuan is based off the physical energetic methods of Sung or deep relaxation and of Peng or dynamic elasticity, functioning as the structure, in all its postures and techniques, through which effortless power is issued and healing is enhanced throughout the body. Our core curriculim includes Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan Forms, Yiquan standing meditation postures, Silk Reeling exercises, and Qi Gong breath work to further develop internal practice for health and combat. We also offer Baguazhang and Hobei Xingyiquan for intermediate students 3803 Bute St Unit 6 Houston, TX 77006 Ten Principles of Yang Style Taijiquan: 1) Straighten the Head 2) Correct Position of Chest and Back 3) Relax the Waist 4) Distinguish Solid and Empty 5) Sink Shoulders and Elbows 6) Using Mind Intention Instead Of Force 7) Coordinate Upper and Lower Body 8) Harmony Between Internal and External 9) Continuity of Movement 10) Tranquility in Mind, Body and Movement